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About ouR CHURCH

The history of Fresh Fire Church is a testament to the resilience and hope that fuels our mission to inspire present and future generations. Our journey began amidst the ashes of church hurt and exclusion, yet from this place of pain, a beacon of light emerged.

Fresh Fire Church was conceived from an inclusive movement—the Jesus Movement. In the spirit of John 3:16, which declares, "For God so loved the world," we embrace the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, regardless of race, class, ability, family or relationship status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We firmly believe that ALL lives matter to God, and as such, we strive to embody the radical love and acceptance exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Officially organized and launched on January 1, 2017, Fresh Fire Church found its humble beginnings in a two-room storefront on Poplar Level Road in Louisville, Kentucky. Despite our modest surroundings, the flames of passion and faith burned brightly within our congregation.

Our mission is not to wield judgment or power, but rather to emulate the ministry of Jesus Himself—a ministry rooted in compassion, inclusivity, and transformative love (Mark 12:30-31). We recognize the importance of acknowledging our past as we chart our course for the future, understanding that it is only by embracing our history that we can truly move forward with purpose and conviction. Our history is the root that gives us wings. 

In less than a year after our inception, Fresh Fire found itself on the move once more, briefly relocating to Southern Avenue in the heart of West Louisville. Yet, it was on South Jackson Street where we truly found our home in 2018, and it is here that our fellowship continues to flourish.

In May 2023, a devastating fire engulfed our worship space on Jackson Street, displacing us for almost a year. Yet, guided by the spirit, we've emerged from the ashes with renewed fresh fire!

As we reflect on the blessings of yesterday, we are empowered by the vision of today—a vision that propels us towards a future ablaze with possibility and promise. Together, we embark on this journey with hearts ignited by the fire of God's love, knowing that it is through our collective efforts that we will usher in a transformative tomorrow.


With unwavering faith and boundless enthusiasm, we eagerly anticipate the fiery future that lies ahead, confident in the knowledge that God's grace will guide us every step of the way.

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