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Pastor LaRon Hobson knew at an early age he was destined to speak life into others, recalling many times preaching to stuffed animals in his early childhood. A native of Pennsylvania, born in the heart of West Philly, he moved to Moberly, Missouri to attend Central Christian College where he continued the path that had been paved for him.


LaRon graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Education and went on to attend Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. His second passion is the arts, particularly music. And it was music that led him to Kentucky when he reluctantly said “yes” to an opportunity in West Louisville to lead worship.

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HIS Story

LaRon has a special place in his heart for community members who have experienced hurt or shame and he strives to reach those people and empower them with the love of Jesus, not religion. It is this call for those who have been ‘othered’ that eventually led him to give God another reluctant ‘yes.’ In 2017, after reading a book recommended to him by a mother in his church, LaRon honored God’s call to plant a church.


It was then that Fresh Fire was born in a small but humble storefront located in Louisville, Kentucky with the hopes of reaching all and reminding them of God’s love. While pastoring, LaRon continues to seek continuous growth through community involvement and outreach. Since launching Fresh Fire, the church has partnered with local organizations, grown its digital presence, and continues to fulfill the mission and message of the Gospel.

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