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About ouR CHURCH

The history of Fresh Fire Church is steeped in the hope of inspiring our present and future generations. A safe that has been birthed from a place of church hurt and exclusion.

Fresh Fire Church was officially organized and launched January 1, 2017. During this time worship was taking place in a two-room storefront on Poplar Level Road in Louisville, Kentucky.

In less than one year after its launch, Fresh Fire was on the move once more. Briefly, the church relocated to Southern Avenue in the heart of West Louisville. Presently, South Jackson Street has been the home for the Fresh Fire fellowship since 2018. 

Fresh Fire Church was born out of an inclusive movement. This movement is the Jesus movement. For God so loved the world…which speaks to every race, class and identity and sexuality. We believe ALL lives matter to God. As an inclusive church, it’s imperative that we comprehend where we have been, in order to understand where we are headed.


We do not possess the position nor the power to create or condemn. It is our effort to model the ministry of Jesus, not religion. Jesus addresses the standard of living while modeling a clear message of an inclusive love (Mark 12:30-31).

​We are excited about the blessings of yesterday, empowered by the vision of today, which will lead us to a fiery future and a transformative tomorrow. 

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